Moving the National Palace Museum in new directions

In an interview with reporters from the Liberty Times (the sister newspaper of the Taipei Times), National Palace Museum Director Lin Jeng-yi discussed how the museum hopes to become more integrated with Taiwanese society, achieve more professional management and maintain its international prestige

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 05, 2017

Liberty Times (LT): From your experience, is the National Palace Museum tradition-

National Palace Museum Director Lin Jeng-yi speaks at a meeting of the Legislative Yuan’s Education and Culture Committee in Taipei on May 10.
Photo: Peter Lo, Taipei Times

heavy and resistant to change as an institution?

Lin Jeng-yi (林正儀): The museum is in a unique situation where it has ingrained traditions, but also a plethora of different views generated by its staff or other individuals. The museum often finds it impossible to implement policies through direct administrative orders.

The museum’s management has to find ways to convey how such policies have come to be, in a positive manner, to these staffers. We also have to, if possible, endeavor to avoid sensitive issues such as political ideologies.
Due to such difficulties, personnel costs and day-to-day administrative work account for 80 percent of the museum’s annual budget.

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