MSI General Manager (CEO) Charles Chiang Dies at age of 56

The Guru of 3D
Date: 07/07/2020
By: Hilbert Hagedoorn

In what is an unfortunate news item, Sheng-Chang Chiang, also named Charles Chiang general manager and CEO of MSI fell off a building today, and passed away. The news reported by Taiwanese media moments ago, also is confirmed through our MSI backchannel.

The 56-year-old Sheng-Chang Chiang had just taken over as CEO of MSI in January 2019. He fell from the seven-floor building for unknown. Security of MSI went out on patrol and at 2 pm local time heard a loud noise. Chiang was found lying on the ground in the company's car lane. The police hurried to the scene and rushed him to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, he passed away. Authorities are investigating the incident. Chiang graduated from the Institute of Electronics, Jiaotong University. He previously served as Yangzhi Technology Associate and General Manager of MSI Desktop Platform Business Division and took over as MSI General Manager and CEO in January 2019. A company where he has had a role in for 20 years.

We wish the family, friends, staff at MSI and everyone involved or acquainted to Mr Chiang our sincere condolences and profound respect.     [FULL  STORY]

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