Muslim in Taiwan: Best places to chow down

From enjoying wagyu to a scrumptious risotto dinner, we’ve listed our top 7 eateries for the Muslim traveller in Taipei

The Scoop
Date: 30, 2019
By: Rafidah Hamit

TAIPEI – Taiwan is known for its amazing hospitality — the people are friendly and it is well-equipped with excellent amenities too.

Over the years, the modern city has seen an increase in Muslim tourists and currently has a Muslim population of 300,000.

To accommodate more Muslim travelers to visit, Taiwan has started to provide  facilities such as musollah (prayer rooms), and in 2017 established the Taiwan Halal Centre to help businesses attain halal certification.

The Scoop recently explored various parts of Taiwan to experience the island’s charm, Muslim-friendly tourist options and the large number of halal eateries.

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