National Palace Museum launches two-pronged promotion plan

Taiwan Today
Date: March 10, 2017

Taiwan’s National Palace Museum unveiled March 8 a two-pronged promotion plan

NPM Director Lin Jeng-yi unveils the museum’s new promotion plan to boost international competitiveness and local recognition March 8 in Taipei City. (Courtesy of NPM)

aimed at reinventing the institution through increasing its international competitiveness and bolstering local recognition of its resources, with NPM Director Lin Jeng-yi stating that the initiative will enhance the museum’s professionalism while ensuring its sustainable development.

To further its international reach, NPM will work to strengthen cooperation with prominent museums around the world by integrating resources from various government agencies. It will also promote local culture and heritage abroad by creating a new cooperation mechanism, forging partnerships with overseas institutions and pursuing the signing of memorandums of understanding.

These efforts are expected to further diversify the sources of foreign visitors. According to NPM statistics, the museum, which received 4.67 million total visits in 2016, experienced a shift in its visitor profile last year.    [FULL  STORY]

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