Necropsy reveals how bear died

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 13, 2020
By: Hua Meng-ching and Jason Pan / Staff reporters

A necropsy of a female Formosan black bear found dead last month near a mountain village in Hualien County indicates it had most likely fallen from a cliff and was unable to defend itself from attacks by other wildlife, which led to its death.

No bullet wound was found, nor was there any other trace of bullets, said Forestry Bureau Hualien Forest District Office head Yang Jui-fen (楊瑞芬), who presented a report on the bear on Thursday, discounting rumors that it might have been shot by poachers or local villagers.

Blood tests also ruled out rabies, canine distemper, canine parvovirosis, canine adenovirus Type I, coronavirus, influenza A and other common viral infections, the report said.

The bear’s carcass was found on March 17 near a chicken coop outside the Lamuan Community, a Bunun village in/ Jhuosi Township (卓溪), with its lower abdomen torn open and some internal organs missing.

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