Neil Peng withdraws from election race

Taipei Times
Date:  Nov 20, 2015
By: Abraham Gerber  /  Staff reporter

New Power Party (NPP) legislative candidate Neil Peng (馮光遠) yesterday announced his withdrawal from the race for New Taipei City’s first district, following a breakdown of “integration” talks with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate Lu Sun-ling (呂孫綾).

“This is a simple decision, but the stuff involved behind it is extremely complicated,” the author and playwright said. “We’re making the largest sacrifice possible to ensure [Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator] Wu Yu-sheng (吳育昇) is ‘out,’ but there’s no way we can identify with a DPP which has already begun to ‘KMTize’ (國民黨化).”

He said that the DPP’s decision to directly nominate Lu — despite the breakdown of “integration” talks — represented the beginning of the “KMTization” of the party because it could be attributed to the influence of local factions, along with Lu’s family’s wealth and political connections.     [FULL  STORY]

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