New patient rights rules to introduce ‘living will’

Taipei Times
Date: Oct 05, 2018
By: Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter

Several additions to the Patient Right to Autonomy Act (病人自主權利法) would make

Otolaryngologist Huang Chun-wei, right, attends to a patient in Taichung on Aug. 16.
Photo: Su Chin-fong, Taipei Times

patients the main subject of informed consent, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on Wednesday

The act gives patients the right to refuse life-sustaining treatments if they are terminally ill, are in an irreversible coma or a permanent vegetative state, have advanced dementia or meet other conditions announced by authorities.

It is to be promulgated on Jan. 6 next year.

The ministry on Wednesday released the Enforcement Rules for the Patient Right to Autonomy Act (病人自主權利法施行細則) and the Regulations Governing Healthcare Facilities that Provide Advance Care Planning (提供預立醫療照護諮商之醫療機構管理辦法), which aim to complement existing rules, and clarify terms and execution requirements.    [FULL  STORY]

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