New road test for driver’s license goes into effect March 1

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/02/29
By: Wang Shu-fen and S.C. Chang

Taipei, Feb. 29 (CNA) It’s getting more difficult to get Taiwan’s driver license, as a new road test that will be implemented in step with the existing field test on March 1 will have up to 34 items failing any of which means failure to pass the test.

For example, “observation” before going through a road intersection or pedestrian crossing is valued at 32 points. Failing to observe means a deduction of 32 points, and the passing grade is 70 out of 100 points.

Failure to follow the “changing lane” rule — including observing oncoming cars or pedestrians — will also get a 32-point deduction and thus fail a test.

The Directorate General of Highways launched a pilot project on road test in 2011 but has not make them official until March 1, 2016.     [FULL  STORY]

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