New Taipei to fine Taipei over sewage release

The China Post
Date: April 7, 2017
By: James Lo

New Taipei City’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) said Thursday it would impose a NT$12 million fine on the Taipei City Sewage Systems Office (SSO, 衛生下水道工程處) over the pollution of Bali District seawater.

On Wednesday, Next Magazine published photos that seemed to show that Huimin Industry (惠民實業), a company contracted by the SSO to manage the Bali Sewage Treatment Plant, had been illegally dumping sewage into the ocean off Bali District.

While the plant is located in the New Taipei City district, it is under the jurisdiction and management of the SSO, a Taipei City Governmental agency.

In response to the report, SSO Director Chen Shyh-haw (陳世浩) conceded that Huimin had been responsible for the illegal discharge of sewage — but only on Feb. 6 and March 9, rather than continually, as the magazine had claimed.    [FULL  STORY]

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