No signs of full scale war from China: Defense Minister

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 29 September, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

Defense Minister Yen De-fa (center) (Photo by Liu Yu-qiu)

Defense minister Yen De-fa says there is no sign of a full scale war from China against Taiwan. Yen was responding to an inquiry from ruling Kuomintang Legislator Johnny Chiang at the Legislature on Tuesday. Chiang posed the question as there have been numerous military maneuvers from China causing tensions in the Taiwan Strait. 

Yen said the Taiwan military has always been ready for combat. He said China’s warplanes crossing the median line in the strait often occur during times of combat readiness. He said Taiwan’s national defense has established measures for dealing with any emergency.

Legislator Chiang asked whether the United States would sell offensive weapons to Taiwan. Yen said that the US and Taiwan are adjusting to  changes in the current cross-strait situation. He also said the US is also concerned about maintaining regional peace.    [FULL  STORY]

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