Nostalgia, love of paper inspired Golden Pin wins

CREATIVE VISIONS: Several designers wanted to preserve elements of Chinese and Taiwanese culture, while a dog’s water bowl proved helpful to another

Taipei Times
Date: Feb 07, 2019
By: Wu Po-hsuan  /  Staff reporter

The Plume Dip pen and inkwell set designed by Chan Chia-hao are pictured next to a Lunar New Year greeting in an undated photograph.  Photo courtesy of Chan Chia-hao

Despite the increasingly digitalization of the world, a number of winners of last year’s Golden Pin Design Awards share a love of reading paper, and are embracing a return to handwriting and physical books.

Muwu Design Studio (目物設計工作室) owner Kao Peng-hisang (高鵬翔), whose book The Typesetting Master’s Table (老師傅的排版桌) won the Best Design of the Year, said he had created the book as a way of preserving unique local culture.

Worried that typesetting of Chinese characters would become a lost art, he had studied its history, which can be traced back to the late Qing dynasty, when Western missionaries used the technology to publish Bibles, he said.

His book not only explains the technology and methods of traditional typesetting, but also provides a typesetting toolkit that includes lead characters, tweezers and ink.

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