NTU develops new apparatus capable of CO2 recycling

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-05-17

The Ministry of Science of Technology announced a new apparatus that is capable of absorbing and recycling carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. The device is the latest research from the department of chemical engineering at National Taiwan University.

Professor Tung Kuo-lun and his team at National Taiwan University has developed a new apparatus that is capable of extrapolating carbon dioxide (CO2) from waste gas and recycling it into various other usable chemical compounds.

Professor Tung said the metal fibers that lie inside several tubes are the key to his apparatus. He said the system is capable of processing 10 kg worth of high density CO2 per day, and it does so at one third of the cost of existing processes. He said the apparatus is also small, easy to install and deploy, and it could function on excess heat from the factory.

Tung said that the device has a wide range of applications in factories that produce chemical products, textiles, cement. It can also be used in steel mills and power plants. He said his team is working to expand the system’s capability to absorb harmful matters such as PM2.5 and dioxins in the future.    [SOURCE]

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