NTU tests new driverless mini bus

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/05/27
By: Taiwan News, Staff Writer

EZ10, the very first Level 4 autonomous shuttle finally arrived in Taiwan on Friday. National Taiwan University (NTU) takes the lead to announce an Industry-University Cooperation with 7Starlake, a global consulting firm specialized in smart transportation and self-driving technology.

Through the establishment of “A.I. driverless vehicle R&D team”, NTU & 7Starlake are going to build up testing area and combine the R&D and system integration of optical-mechanical-electrical core technology, in which professors of NTU College of Engineering and EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) devote themselves in; plus driverless A.I. Key Function Module; looking forward to take the preemptive opportunities of driverless technology for wide application in future global trend.

NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang mentioned in the press conference “ ‘A.I. driverless vehicle R&D team’ is cored on the cross-domain research team led by professors of NTU College of Engineering and EECS, working on the research and development of A.I. self-driving vehicle technology. Combining with local industries of automobile electronics, information communication technology, and research unit, we expect to create an A.I. self-driving technology which is suitable for different routes and traffic type in metropolitan and suburban in Taiwan.”    [FULL  STORY]

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