OPINION: China’s New ‘Softy Power’ Could Spell Trouble for Taiwan

Chinese emissaries are emerging as world leaders in the field of simulated falling down and whinging.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/10/12
By: James Baron

A series of ridiculous incidents picked out by Taipei-based Swedish journalist Jojje Olsson highlight a disturbing trend that has emerged over the last few weeks. With a couple of Hong Kong security guards becoming the latest to put Neymar to shame with their theatrics, Olsson observed on Facebook that falling to the ground and/or (literally) screaming blue murder seems to have become a new fad among Chinese tourists, journalists and now, even, security personnel.

China’s lame attempts to hoist Western nations with their own petards on human rights issues are nothing new, but a physical dimension has now been added, turning what had hitherto been limited to Ionescoesque subversions of language into a fully blown Theatre of Cruelty.

The recent hat-trick of own goals kicked off with the ludicrous antics of a family of Chinese tourists who were ejected from the lobby of a Stockholm hostel. They showed up at midnight with a booking for the next day, and when they were told they couldn’t crash on the couches until check-in (some 14-odd hours later), they did so anyway.

According to one commentator on the comments thread of Olsson’s blog on the incident, the son apparently went on a little late-night ramble (funny how he later spoke of the family’s terror at being exposed to the dangers of the Stockholm streets at night) and picked up another Chinese tourist at a neighboring hotel. He brought her back to the hostel to join the gang in loafing in the lobby, which appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.    [FULL  STORY]

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