OPINION: High-Tech Taiwan Must Truly Digitize Its Government

Taiwan could do more to roll out the carpet for internet businesses, a move that would improve the country’s economic and political situation.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/02/14
By: Ryan Terribilini

Taiwan has one weapon that China doesn’t — a free and open internet, able to respond

Photo Credit:depositphotos.com

to the needs of global internet users.

Underpinned by Taiwan’s stable political, legal, and financial institutions, the establishment of a globally accessible e-business environment would put the economy at the forefront of the government’s campaign to win international recognition.

Global entrepreneurs setting up businesses in Taiwan would also be able to tap into a highly educated high-tech labor force which would increase employment and put upward pressure on wages.

Taiwan’s digital sovereignty
Following Panama’s recent decision to break off diplomatic ties with Taiwan in order to recognize the People’s Republic of China, the government now only has formal relationships with only 20 nations. China’s long-term strategy of systematically isolating Taiwan by individually poaching allies appears to be heading towards inevitable and complete detachment from the international community of sovereign nation-states. This reality is a direct threat which must be addressed.    FULL  STORY]

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