OPINION: Hong Kong Shows Taiwan the True Importance of Sovereignty

Hong Kong’s loss of sovereignty has hurt its housing market. Observers in Taiwan should take notice.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/04/16, Politics
By: Turnip Magazine

Credit: Reuters / TPG

Why is it important to protect your sovereignty? Without it, you have no way of solving your own problems.

Recently, the atmosphere in Taiwan has been very strange. The consensus among many is that sovereignty is a “fake” issue, or that sovereignty is no more important than social issues. Some points of views even seem to be that sovereignty and social issues are mutually exclusive.

I completely disagree when people say that a country’s sovereignty and its social issues are not related to each other. In reality, not only are the protection of a country’s sovereignty, and the resolution of social problems, not mutually exclusive, but they actually share a cause and effect relationship.

A good example to explain this is a problem of great concern to Taiwan’s younger generation: housing prices. Let’s look at Hong Kong to best illustrate the problem.

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