OPINION: Same-Sex Marriage Quagmire Tests Taiwan’s Progressive Bona Fides

The Tsai administration’s inaction on same-sex marriage puts Taiwan’s diplomatic standing in peril.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/06/27
By: Alex Huang and Jerry Zhang

Photo Credit: Reuters / TPG

In an exclusive interview with the AFP on Monday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen cast China as a global threat to democracy and civil liberties and urged the world to stand up to its aggression.

The AFP, however, broke two stories from the interview. In the other, it highlighted Tsai’s refusal to commit to protecting marriage equality for same-sex couples.

She cited fears over the issue dividing generations, suggesting those Taiwanese over 40 years old oppose the move.

These discordant narratives reflect an unfortunate reality: When it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, the Tsai administration is failing Taiwan’s brand of democracy and civil liberties.    [FULL  STORY]

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