Origins of Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine: It’s Not That Simple

Taiwan is a melting pot of food cultures, whose unique cuisine comes from a long history of colonization.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/03/19
By: By Lina Chen,

Taiwan has received increasing acclaim for its kind hospitality, breathtaking nature, world-renowned architecture and delicious food. But many are unaware of Taiwan’s prosperity and culinary individuality. It’s not uncommon for people to inaccurately classify Taiwanese cuisine as simply “a fusion of different regional Chinese flavors” as misrepresented in the article, “Regional Cuisines of China.” But keen observers will quickly notice that there is far more to Taiwanese cuisine.

Through generations of colonization and from immigration of people from all around the world, Taiwan is a melting pot of food cultures, whose cuisine now stands among the best in the world.
Throughout the years, Taiwan has been shaped by both Asian and Western influences from the various people that have lived there, and the result is the birth and development of creative fusion Taiwanese cuisine.    [FULL  STORY]

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