Over 100,000 people flock to worship Matsu at Chiayi temple

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2019/04/11
By: Chiang Chun-liang and Flor Wang 

Taipei, April 11 (CNA) A religious procession held annually to celebrate the birthday of the sea goddess Matsu attracted more than 100,000 worshipers when it arrived at Fengtien Temple in Chiayi County on Thursday.

Worshipers from across the country began gathering early in the morning near Fengtien Temple in Singang Township in anticipation of the arrival of the Matsu statue, which is being carried on a nine-day procession that leads up to Matsu’s birthday April 27, the 23rd day of the third month on the lunar calendar.

Among the pilgrims in Singang were Deputy Legislative Speaker Tsai Chi-chang (蔡其昌), Chiayi County Magistrate Weng Chang-liang (翁章梁), Legislator Chen Ming-wen (陳明文), Jenn Lann Temple Chairman Yen Ching-piao (顏清標) and Fengtien Temple Chairman He Ta-huang (何達煌), who assembled to pray for peace and prosperity in Taiwan.

The procession, organized annually by Jenn Lann Temple in Taichung, which houses the Matsu statue, has been in progress since April 6, with the statue being carried on a palanquin on the shoulders of worshipers.    [FULL  STORY]

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