Over 2600 ducks culled as testing finds H5N6 on Yunlin County farm

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-02-03

Over 2600 ducks have been culled on a Yunlin County farm where testing has found a

A report of bird flu on a farm in central Taiwan’s Yunlin County is just the latest this season. Pictured is the response to another report of bird flu earlier in the week on a Tainan duck farm. (CNA photo provided by Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office)

strain of bird flu.

The strain was first detected on January 22 in the results of a county-mandated test that had used the farm’s ducks as a sample. Further testing by a Council of Agriculture lab confirmed the strain to be H5N6 on Thursday.

Taiwan’s agency in charge of animal health inspections, the BAPHIQ, said Friday that the strain of bird flu is not transmissible to humans. It also said that the outbreak had not yet reached a level where culling would be required. The agency said that the culling on the farm had been carried out as a precautionary measure.

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