Over half of Taiwanese reject ‘one China’: survey

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 29, 2017
By: Chung Li-hua and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, with staff writer

More than half of Taiwanese do not agree with the concept of a “constitutional one China” (憲法一中), while nearly one-quarter reject Beijing’s “one China” principle, a media survey showed.

The survey, commissioned by the Chinese-language online media outlet My Formosa, defined “constitutional one China” as: “According to the Constitution of the Republic of China, its amendments and relevant laws, the sovereign territory of our country is comprised of the Taiwan region and the Mainland region. Therefore the two sides across the Strait belong to the same country, which is the Republic of China.”

The poll showed that 8.9 percent of respondents “strongly agreed” with the statement, while 23.7 percent “somewhat agreed” — for a total of 32.6 percent.

However, 20.7 percent of respondents said they “somewhat disagreed” and 33.3 percent said they “strongly disagreed” with the definition — for a total of 54 percent — while 13.4 percent had no opinion.    [FULL  STORY]

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