Paiwan tribe people miffed after losing NHK discrimination case

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/01/22
By: Kuo Chu-chen and Lilian Wu

Taipei, Jan. 22 (CNA) Elders from one of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes, the Paiwan, said on Friday that they were not satisfied at all, one day after the Supreme Court of Tokyo rejected a lower court’s ruling that Japanese broadcaster NHK should compensate a Taiwanese Paiwan woman for defamation.

The ruling is final.

In 2013, Tokyo’s high court ruled that NHK should compensate the woman around NT$290,000 (around US$8,700) for using “discriminatory wording” to describe indigenous people, including her father, shown in a picture in its report.

At issue is a special program on the history of Japan’s colonization of Taiwan, which was produced by NHK and aired on April 5, 2009.     [FULL  STORY]

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