People in Taiwan Rioted for the Adidas NMD

You thought the Yeezy hype was bad? Wait till you take a look at what went down in Taiwan for the NMD release.

The video, published by Taiwanese news outlet EBC, shows a massive riot of people swarming what looks to be a plaza / mall. People headed to adidas Originals store in flocks to grab a pair of the newly released NMD’s and man, it looked like a rumble.

Sneakers often bring people together, but sometimes they can also bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, the adidas NMD R1 inspired the latter when it released in Taiwan.

Sneakerheads showed up in droves to cop a pair of the anticipated adidas NMD release from the adidas Originals store at the Siam Centre shopping mall in Bangkok. With no lottery system in place, a routine sneaker release quickly snowballed into straight-up pandemonium. Taiwanese news outlet EBC was on hand to capture shoppers rushing through the mall and the ensuing chaos that occurred when employees at the adidas store tried to hold off the aggressive crowd at the door. People got knocked over, and one shopper even fainted as the crowd was trying to force their way into the store.

Following the incident, adidas Thailand took to Facebook to apologize to shoppers and asked for feedback on how to better handle such high-profile releases in the future.

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