Personalized ‘Republic of Taiwan’ passport stickers stir controversy

Date:  Aug 12, 2015
By: Dan Cunningham

A designer from Taichung created a set of stickers that allows supporters of Taiwan ROT passportindependence to turn their Republic of China passports into Republic of Taiwan passports, Hong Kong Free Press reports.

Taiwan has been known as the Republic of China (ROC) since Chiang Kai-shek arrived with the KMT party in 1948. Although there are Taiwanese nationals that still believe in retaking China, many young people see the island as an independent country.

By creating the stickers, designer Denis Chen aims to help redefine Taiwan’s national identity. He was inspired by a friend who replaced the word “China” on his Taiwanese passport cover and the simplified Chinese characters for Taiwan with the traditional rot-passportcharacters. His friend had managed to enter Sydney without any issue. Chen thought that a sticker campaign would create an exciting “cultural shock” for many Taiwanese.

Chen’s stickers are not dissimilar to a Taiwanese Independence Party (DPP) campaign in 2012, when it distributed 10,000 stickers saying “Taiwan is my country”. The DPP campaign was launched in response to the new issue Chinese passports, of May 2012, which cited Taiwan and the South China sea as territories of the PRC.    [FULL  STORY]

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