Pharmacists rally against herbal remedy proposals

FLIP-FLOP:After protests involving hundreds of herbal remedy dealers, the government modified a ban on them producing or prescribing traditional medicines

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 06, 2016
By: Lee I-chia / Staff reporter

The Taiwan Pharmacist Association and the Pharmacist Association of the ROC (Republic of China) yesterday protested against a Ministry of Health and Welfare proposal that would allow licensed Chinese herbal remedy dealers to prescribe certain types of medication.

Last month, the ministry announced plans to amend the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (藥事法) so that Chinese herbal remedy dealers would not be able to prescribe medication nor produce herbal pills, powders, creams or extracts.

In addition, the amendment would require them to acquire a “Chinese herbal medicine management technician” license to import and sell herbal medicines, but they would still not be allowed to prescribe or produce drugs.

The proposal invoked protests from Chinese herbal remedy dealers, who say that the ministry is depriving them of their rights and threatening the end of the traditional industry.

After hundreds of dealers protested in front of the ministry on Nov. 7, the ministry modified its policy to allow dealers with Chinese herbal medicine management technician licenses to prescribe or produce drugs.    [FULL  STORY]

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