Picking tea from the lowest point in Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 13 May, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

Picking tea in Pingtung (picture from Kenting National Park)

This weekend Pingtung County is hosting a “Cape Tea Time” event to celebrate tea grown from the lowest point in Taiwan. The local tea is grown at only 100 meters above sea level.

The tea is also known as “port tea” and is grown in Manjou Township in Pingtung County, the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The area has grown tea for over a century. The tea is grown in very dry conditions and carries a light flavor of the ocean breeze. The area is also known for its onions and agave plants.

The town is hosting its tea-tasting event on Saturday afternoon. Those interested can register at www.ktnp.gov.tw    [SOURCE]

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