Pilot at center of Apache scandal forced into quick retirement

Want China Times
Date: 2015-04-08

An Army pilot will be forced to retire after he gave a local TV personality access to Taiwan’s

Lao Nai-cheng at the bailiff's office in Taoyuan, April 5. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

Lao Nai-cheng at the bailiff’s office in Taoyuan, April 5. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

most advanced helicopter, the AH-64E Apache, and wore a helmet-mounted display used with the chopper to a private party, defense officials said Tuesday.

That was the conclusion of a Ministry of National Defense investigation into incidents involving Lt Col Lao Nai-cheng, the former deputy head of a helicopter squadron in Taoyuan under the Army Special Forces Command, following an initial inquiry by the Army last week.

At a press conference Tuesday to announce the results of the investigation, the ministry said it found that Lao brought a group of people, including TV hostess Janet Lee and her family and friends, to see the Apaches at their base in Longtan on March 29 without approval from his superiors.     [FULL  STORY]

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