Pilots union threatens strike action after CAL rejects demands

Focuas Taiwan
Date: 2019/02/07
By: Evelyn Kao 

Taipei, Feb. 7 (CNA) The Pilots Union Taoyuan said Thursday it will go ahead with preparations to strike after China Airlines (CAL) refused to meet the union’s demand for better working conditions for pilots.

Although central and local authorities have suggested CAL should accept the union’s proposed improved conditions for pilots, after its members voted in favor of taking strike action on Feb. 1, CAL has declined to do so, leaving CAL pilots with no choice other than to strike, the union said in a statement Thursday.

However, the pilots’ demand for additional manpower, better pay and extended rest periods would increase personnel costs and could hurt the company’s competitiveness, CAL said in a response to Taoyuan City’s labor department.

The union also accused the labor department of sending a staffer to pick up an application from the company for mediation services to settle the labor dispute on Tuesday, Lunar New Year’s Day.    [FULL  STORY]

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