Pingtung County limits visitors to mountain area

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BID: To protect natural and Aboriginal areas, the county is to impose new rules for individual travelers and guided tours

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 17, 2020
By: Chiu Tzu-juo and Lin Yi-chang / Staff reporters

Hayou River in Pingtung County is pictured on Friday.
Photo: Chiu Chih-jou, Taipei Times

A registration system to limit visitors to the Hayou River (哈尤溪), a popular destination in the mountains of Pingtung County, is to be imposed to reduce the environmental impact of tourism, the Pingtung County Government said

Hayouxi Hot Spring (哈尤溪溫泉) with its colorful cliff formations has attracted ever more visitors in the past few years despite its remote location.

The county government in a press release on Friday said it has designed Wutai Township (霧台) a “Natural Environment and Cultural Scenic Area,” including the river as well as the Aboriginal Labuwan (大武部落), Adiri (阿禮部落) and Kabalelradhane (神山部落) communities, covering 14.35km2, featuring hiking trails, mountain lakes and waterfalls.

Most tourists visit the area by scooter or car, but after new rules go into effect in November, visitors would need to register in advance, and hiking would only be allowed for guided tours, a county government official said, adding that those who enter the area without registration would be fined between NT$3,000 and NT$30,000, based on stipulations of the Act for the Development of Tourism (觀光發展條例).    [FULL  STORY]

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