‘Pioneering spirit’ solves environmental problems: Swiss adventurer

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/09/12
By: Lee Hsin-Yin, staff reporter

While most airplanes carry passengers, the aircraft of Swiss pilot and adventurer Bertrand Piccard carries a message.

Piccard came up with and piloted the Solar Impulse project, in which he and compatriot André Borschberg took turns flying a solar-powered aircraft around the world in 2016. The intention was to promote clean energy, he says, emphasizing that innovation is possible even under the most extreme circumstances.

“The (project’s) first goal was not to have an airplane transporting people, it was to have a demonstration, a proof, that clean technologies, efficient technologies and renewable energies, can be used in the most incredible situation,” Piccard said during the World Congress on Information Technology in Taipei from Sept. 10-13.

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