PM2.5 standard to go into effect in Taiwan from next year

Want China Times
Date: 2015-08-19

The PM2.5 air quality monitoring and simulation standard has been added to Taiwan’s Air

Smog hangs over Taichung, June 6. (File photo/Chen Shih-tsung)

Smog hangs over Taichung, June 6. (File photo/Chen Shih-tsung)

Pollution Control Act, and will take effect on January 1, 2016, the country’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said Monday.

The amendment to the Air Pollution Control Act is aimed at strengthening the control of emissions of stationary sources of air pollution by the nation’s industries.

The steel industry, petrochemical industry, and electricity generation industry which are emitting a large number of particulates, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxide, and oxysulfide in Taiwan will be the sectors primarily affected after the amendment goes into effect, the EPA said.

The term PM2.5 refers to particles 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter, which are considered particularly dangerous because they are often composed of substances like heavy metals that are very toxic and are minute enough to travel deep into human lungs.     [FULL  STORY]

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