Police catch two runaway workers via Facebook post

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 23, 2016
By: Staff writer, with CNA

Two runaway workers from Indonesia were caught in Chiayi during a police raid early this month after they exposed their whereabouts in a Facebook post made to show off the money they had earned since absconding from their jobs, the Chiayi County Police Bureau said on Monday.

The runaways, one man and one woman, lived in the same village in Indonesia before coming to Taiwan, the bureau’s Minsyong Precinct said in a news release.
The precinct only released transliterated names of the two people — “A Shi” for the man and “Sha Ti” for the woman.

Police said the two applied for work as caregivers in Taiwan in March and June 2014.

Since their arrival, the two communicated with each other daily through the Line app, police said.     [FULL  STORY]

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