Police release video to refute drunk driver’s claims of excessive force after shots fired at vehicle

Taiwan English News
Date: December 8, 2019 
By: Phillip Charlier

Taipei City Police released video footage of an incident, and held a press conference today, to refute claims made by a man charged with drunk driving that officers had fired shots at him, and had beaten him during the subsequent arrest, after he failed to stop at a police roadside drunk-driving checkpoint.

According to reports, Mr Chen, a 41-year-old real estate agent, drove his Mercedes Benz sedan through a police checkpoint on Chang’an East Road in Zhongshan District at around 2:00am November 3.

At least one officer drew his handgun, and a total of 9 shots were fired at the vehicle.

Chen then stopped his vehicle and exited with his hands up, shouting “sorry, sorry.”

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