Poll shows discrimination at work

UNEQUAL PAY: More than 65 percent of women reported a pay gap between men and women, and 31 percent said they are not financially independent

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 08, 2020
By: Lee Ya-wen and Dennis Xie / Staff reporter, with staff writer

More than half of women surveyed said they have experienced workplace discrimination, such as being pressured to answer questions about their plans for marriage and parenthood or being judged by their appearance, a poll released on Thursday by online job bank yes123 showed.

The survey, which focused on gender equality and women’s influence in the workplace, found that 62.2 percent of respondents have experienced gender discrimination during a job interview. The No. 1 experience they reported was being asked when they would get married and have kids, followed by being criticized for their height, weight or appearance, and being asked about their relationship status.

The poll showed that 65.6 percent of respondents reported a gender pay gap, with a difference of NT$6,591 per month between men and women for equal work.

The poll showed that 68.7 percent of respondents said they are financially independent, with an average monthly income of NT$34,590, while 31.3 percent said they are not, with an average monthly income of NT$28,003.    [FULL  STORY]

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