‘Pork dashboard’ shows zero imports

PORK WATCH: The dashboard provides daily information on locally produced and imported pork products, including those containing ractopamine residue

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 05, 2021
By: Chien Hui-ju and Chen Hsin-yu / Staff reporters

New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi, right, visits a Cha I Shan Foods Co food processing factory in the city’s Shulin District yesterday.
Photo courtesy of the New Taipei City Education Department

The government yesterday launched an online “pork dashboard,” which showed no pork imports since Friday, when the nation started allowing imports of pork containing residue of the leanness-enhancing additive ractopamine.

A collaboration between the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the dashboard — ifi.fda.gov.tw/ifi/pfp/cp/pfpcp0706q.jsp — showed that from Friday to Sunday domestically produced pork totaled 3,048 tonnes.

The nation also produced 2,811 tonnes of pork liver, kidney and other edible pig organs, it showed.

Statistics on pork products are collected and compiled by the council, the ministry and the Customs Administration, and uploaded to the dashboard before 9am on workdays.

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