Power plant in Hualien to come online

RECONNECTED:Officials said repairs to the electricity lines to the plant had been the fastest in history and reserves might exceed 10 percent by the weekend

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 14, 2017
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

The full reactivation of a Hualien County power plant that was shut down due to

A woman walks past air-conditioning units lining the exterior wall of a building in Taipei yesterday. Photo: EPA

damage from Typhoon Nesat could be completed today, easing power supply concerns, the Cabinet said yesterday.

A transmission tower in the county’s Dongao (東澳) operated by Ho-Ping Power Co (和平電廠) and owned by Taiwan Cement Corp (台灣水泥) was brought down on July 29 as extreme weather swept the nation, reducing the power supply by 4 percent and putting the nation in the grip of a power shortage crisis.

The tower was reconstructed on Friday and the installation of two sets of overhead power lines was finished on Saturday in the quickest repair of a power line in Taiwanese history, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said, adding that the power plant resumed operations yesterday and would reach full capacity today.

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