Premier Lin Chuan awards outstanding Taiwanese farmers

Among the 22 winners this year, 13 were aged under 45

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/01/12
By: Sophia Yang, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

Taipei (Taiwan News) — Shennong (神農), also known as the Divine Farmer in ancient Chinese literature,

Horn-Liang Foods’ general manager Ou Lin-he (centre) receive

is credited for teaching the ancient Chinese how to grow crops and raise animals. Shennong is renowned for testing hundreds of herbs on himself to record their medicinal properties. In Taiwan, the Shennong Award was established 30 years ago to commemorate this great forerunner and to honor present pioneers who stand out from their peers for their innovations and contributions to a sustainable food future in the country.

The Top 10 Shennong Award ceremony was held on Tuesday with the attendance of Premier Lin Chuan, Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Tsao Chi-hung, Democratic Progressive Party legislators Huang Wei-cher and Frida Tsai. There were 10 people who received the Top 10 Shennong Award and another 12 who took home awards for the best farmers of the year.

Premier Lin Chuan said at the ceremony that the agricultural sector is the pillar of our economy, which is, however, plagued with problems and needs serious attention. The first challenge Lin pointed out is the scattered and small plots of farmland which has led to a decline in agricultural production. To tackle the problem, Lin said the government is planning to revitalize fallow farmland and improve its utilization.

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