President Tsai affirms military’s handling of Chinese sea maneuvers

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-01-23

President Tsai Ing-wen has affirmed the military’s handling of China’s recent sea

President Tsai speaks at the defense ministry’s year end banquet (CNA)

maneuvers. Tsai was speaking Monday while attending a Lunar New Year party organized by the defense ministry.

The president was referring to the Chinese aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, which passed by Taiwan in late December.

Tsai praised the military for doing a good job ensuring Taiwan’s national security since her administration took office eight months ago.

“During that period, in particular, [we saw] the efforts made by the air force to safeguard Taiwan’s airspace and the proper responses made by all the armed services when the Liaoning was sailing to the west of the midline of the Taiwan Strait. Their distinguished performance has led to more public confidence in the military,” said Tsai.

The president also called on the military to continue pushing for reforms, adding that she shares in both the honors and shortcomings of the troops.   [SOURCE]

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