Presidential Office ban requires ‘strong proof’ of intent: Ma

The China Post
Date: June 17, 2016
By: Stephanie Chao

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ex-President Ma Ying-jeou demanded on Thursday that the Tsai administration provide strong, clear evidence that he could have revealed state secrets during a visit to Hong Kong that the Presidental Office blocked.

The Presidential Office restricted Ma from attending a Hong Kong event over security concerns earlier this week, which was later ridiculed by Ma in a video-taped speech on Thursday.

Ma stated that “there must be strong evidence to prove” that he would leak secrets in Hong Kong, which he demanded to see during a Thursday press conference. Ma said that if no such evidence exists, then “restricting my movements is not in line with democratic freedom.”

He went on to rhetorically ask “which advanced democratic country in the world would see its sitting president bar a former head of state from leaving the country?”     [FULL  STORY]

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