Principal teaches about life, nature via chickens

HANDS-ON:Aside from teaching students how to take care of chickens, the birds also have a calming effect on kids and make them more sociable, a principal said

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 28, 2017
By: Lin Hsiao-yun and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter with staff writer

As the nation welcomes the Year of the Rooster, Dashan Elementary School principal

A student on Dec. 19 holds one of the chicks that Dashan Elementary School raises on campus. Photo provided by Hsu Ching-hung

Hsu Ching-hung (徐慶宏) talked about teaching students about life and nature by raising chickens on campus.

Hsu, who is also the deputy convener of the nature education section of the Miaoli County Government’s public education advisory group, said he started using chicken-raising as an educational aid when he received a donation of live chickens from a professor of medical biotechnology when he was the principal at Daping Elementary School in Miaoli.

Hsu said he knew nothing about raising chickens at the time, but learned how to do so together with his students.    [FULL STORY]

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