Priority reforms have been swallowed in a legislative ‘black hole,’ NPP says

THE AGENDAHsu Yung-ming said that the government is not too busy to review items passed by the committee and the general assembly, and that processes are stalling

Taipei Times
Date: Nov 26, 2016
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

Voting on transitional justice and electoral reform legislation should be held soon, New Power Party (NPP) legislators said yesterday, saying that a “black hole” between committees and the general assembly has swallowed many of the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) promised “priority bill” reforms.

“There is a black hole between committees and the general assembly. Many bills have passed committee reviews and cross-caucus negotiations, but do not appear before the general assembly. There was already consensus on many of these bills last session and many were named as priority legislation, but they have disappeared this legislative session,” NPP caucus convener Hsu Yung-ming (徐永明) said, adding that transitional justice legislation and amendments to the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act (公職人員選舉罷免法) to lower recall thresholds are two such bills.

“The general assembly is not that busy and no one has occupied the speaker’s podium, so why have these bills not been put on the agenda?” he said, adding that cross-caucus talks on transitional justice legislation were completed in July, while those on the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act were completed in June.

Both bills have been passed by their respective committees.    [FULL STORY]

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