Pro-independence position remains unchanged: Lai

RELATIONS:Tainan Mayor William Lai told an audience in Los Angeles that ‘feeling affinity toward China’ can also be equated with ‘getting close to Chinese’

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 24, 2017
By: Staff writer, with CNA, LOS ANGELES

Tainan Mayor William Lai (賴清德), who recently described himself as having an affinity toward China, on Thursday in Los Angeles said that his pro-Taiwan independence stance remains unchanged.

Earlier this month, the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party mayor surprised the public when he said he feels “affinity toward China as much as he loves Taiwan.”

The matter aroused great interest among the Taiwanese expatriate community in the US during Lai’s visit.

Asked about the matter by a member of the audience after giving a speech in Los Angeles, Lai said “feel affinity toward China, love Taiwan” means reaching the hand of friendship out to China, with Taiwan at the center, in the hope of enhancing mutual understanding and reconciliation, and facilitating the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.    [FULL  STORY]

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