Proposed act to govern negative heritage sites

INJUSTICES: The Transitional Justice Commission has identified 100 sites of human rights violations, with the government to be tasked with their maintenance

Taipei Times
Date: Sep 12, 2020
By: Chen Yu-fu and Jake Chung / Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Renai Building in New Taipei City’s Jingmei Human Rights Park, which used to house the now-defunct Taiwan Garrison Command’s Jingmei Detention Center, is pictured on Thursday.
Photo: Chen Yu-fu, Taipei Times

The Transitional Justice Commission yesterday said it is drafting an act that would serve as a legal basis to help maintain and care for facilities and sites of past injustices.

Once the proposed legislation is approved, the government would shoulder the responsibility of maintaining these sites, the commission said.

The draft act defines negative heritage as sites where human rights violations had been committed, including oppression, illegal executions, labor or re-education camps, during the White Terror era.

White Terror refers to the suppression of political dissidents and public discussion of the 228 Incident of 1947 — which marked the start of a brutal crackdown by then-Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) authorities — under the Martial Law era from May 19, 1949, to July 15, 1987.

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