Protests in Taiwan over China’s new entry card

Strats Times
Date: Sep 24, 2015

TAIPEI • A new electronic entry card for Taiwanese visitors to China has sparked protests 201509220008t0001and a political backlash despite Beijing touting the move as a way to make travel easier.

China introduced the card on Monday after announcing it in June, but Taiwan said it was not told of the roll-out.

The island’s Mainland Affairs Council – its top China policy decision-making body – said in a statement there had not been “proper communication” in advance of the launch and the way China is doing it “has hurt the feelings of Taiwan people”.

Taiwan’s Premier Mao Chi-kuo said he was “extremely dissatisfied” adding that he had been given no prior notice of the move.

Around 20 members of the anti- China Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) threw eggs and let off firecrackers outside Beijing-friendly President Ma Ying-jeou’s residence on Tuesday night in protest.     [FULL  STORY]

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