Public urged to save energy

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-08-07

The government is urging the public to save energy as Taipower’s operating reserves

The call for energy saving comes amid hot summer days. (CNA)

could dip to 3% in the coming days. Cabinet spokesman Hsu Kuo-yung made the call on Monday.

Hsu’s call came after Hoping Power Plant was damaged by a typhoon about a week ago. A coal-fired power plant in Taichung also ran into problems over the weekend.

Because of rising temperatures, Hsu said it is expected that electricity use will increase on Wednesday and Thursday. But he said Taiwan should be able to get by if nothing goes wrong and if the public saves energy.

“By saving electricity, we can probably save 300,000 KWs. On a normal day, that is not a large figure. However, now that Hoping Power Plant is damaged, the figure carries leverage and is important. We are still calling on the public to save energy. The coal-fired power plant that broke down on Saturday has already been connected to the grid. [Because] other generators are able to operate, we probably can get by. If nothing goes wrong, only 3% of operating reserves will be left on Wednesday. We hope that the public saves energy to get through these days,” said Hsu.

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