Rabbits need suitable environment and caring owners, expert warns

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 31, 2020
By: Lai Wen-hsiu and William Hetherington / Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Taiwan Rabbit Saving Society has advised pet owners on some key points to remember when caring for rabbits.

A volunteer at the organization, who wished to be only identified as Jo, said that the size of a rabbit’s enclosure must be chosen carefully based on the animal’s size, and only enclosures with flooring made of certain materials are suitable for rabbits.

The cages often used for cats and dogs cannot be used for rabbits, as rabbits lack soft padding under their feet, she said.

Owners who keep their pets in metal cages should place a layer of soft material, such as rubber, at the bottom of the cage to prevent the development of calluses or inflammation on their pet’s feet, she said.    [FULL  STORY]

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