Racist ‘Citizen Journalist’ Videos Spark Outrage in Taiwan

Why you need to know:  The almost universal reaction to a recent harassment case targeting elderly ‘Mainlanders’ in Kaohsiung shows that Taiwan has transcended archaic definitions of citizenship. But China may still use this to its advantage.

The News Lens
Date: June 10, 2016
By: J. Michael Cole

A controversy over a video targeting an elderly Mainlander in Kaohsiung put a damper on the Dragon

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Boat Festival on Friday and reopened the always touchy debate on race and citizenship in Taiwan.

The clip, posted on Facebook on Thursday by Hung Su-chu (洪素珠), a contributor to the People Post (PeoPo) citizen journalist platform operated by Public Television Service (PTS), shows Hung chasing an elderly Mainlander man at the 228 Memorial Park in the southern port city.

Off screen, Hung asks the man why he came to Taiwan. The man responds that he came in 1950 with his parents. Hung then starts yelling at the Chinese man and accuses Mainlanders of living off the Taiwanese. After she tells him he should go back to China, the man responds, “I live here, I have an identification card of the Republic of China.”

“I work here, and have contributed to this land,” he continues. “Why would I go back?”

“I do not want you Chinese people in Taiwan,” she screams.     [FULL  STORY]

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