Ransomware infects the world, yet only 30 information security insurance policies bought in Taiwan

The China Post
Date: June 3, 2017
By: The China Post

The WannaCry ransomware swept the globe in late May, infecting over 300,000

(Business Today)

computers in 150 countries and regions. According to a survey, a total of 5,500 cases of infection were reported in Taiwan — the fourth highest in the world — including a suspension of the CPC Corporation’s website and mobile payment services for a day. In total, 799 computers of Taiwan Power Company’s computers were hit, as well as several computers in medical and education research institutions.

Online Ransomware Explodes by 7.5 Times; Cost of Cyber Security Skyrockets

Amid an increasing threat to information security, Trend Micro pointed out in a 2016 information security assessment that the number of ransomware viruses had increased by 752 percent last year, causing global businesses to lose up to US$1 billion. Another form of online ransom, the Business Email Compromise, has illegally obtained US$3 billion over the past two years. According to another report from Trend Micro, “the establishment of data protection officers is desperately needed since corporate leaks of information have become a common occurrence.”

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