Restart for plant reactor ‘unlikely’ despite shortage

The China Post
Date: October 25, 2016
By: Sun Hsin Hsuan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Atomic Energy Council (AEC) on Monday said that despite growing concerns over electricity shortages in the coming years, there was a “near-zero likelihood” that the suspended nuclear reactor at the No.1 Nuclear Power Station in New Taipei City would be restarted.

Lawmakers grilled AEC Chairman Hsieh Hsiao-hsing on Monday over the decommissioning of nuclear power plants in the nation and over whether the council plans to restart one of the oldest reactors, whose operations have been suspended since 2014 due to technical failures.

Hsieh said the likelihood of restarting said reactor was “almost zero,” adding that the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), which operates the reactors, would have to meet three requirements in order to do so.

He said Taipower would have to prove the reactor meets safety standards, would need to receive legislative approval and would need to satisfy conditions laid out by Premier Lin Chuan earlier this year.     [FULL  STORY]

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