Return to life: passing away of a Taiwanese woman regains attention for her legend 

The extraordinary case of a Taiwanese woman resurrected with a different spirit even drew a Hong Kong TV crew to interview her decades ago

Taiwan News
Date: 2018/06/08
By: Sophia Yang,Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A 97-year-old Taiwanese granny passed away on May 23, 2018,

An undated photo shows the couple Chu Hsiu-hua and “her husband” Wu Chiu-de (Image credit: the Internet)

but her death has made headlines for several weeks in the country for her extraordinary legend that took place 60 years ago.

The granny’s story of resurrection was documented by local news agencies over the past six decades, and was adapted into a movie “Living Soul in Dead Body” starred the country’s most famous actors in 1981. A Hong Kong TV station even dispatched a crew to interview this woman. The woman, who goes by the name of the spirit that possessed her body, Chu Hsiu-hua (朱秀華), chose to live a low-key but peaceful life afterward by moving to a quiet place to avoid constant visits by unknown and curious strangers.

Chu reportedly lived a low-key life of helping the disadvantaged and those seeking spiritual comfort, and telling people not to do any evil, or divine justice will come to them after death. She also refused to take the reward money from those seeking help, or turned the money to the nearby temples as donations.    [FULL  STORY]

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